Products and pre-commercial prototypes

We have just released our first commercial line of electronic units for operation control of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) built in general purpose photonic platforms! We are also working on a number of ambitious pre-commercial prototypes based on IP protected system concepts and designs for communication and sensing applications.
Driving engines and PIC control units: Our first commercial line of driving engines as standalone products is now out on the market. It includes a 4-channel driver for laser diodes (LDs) and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) that provides driving currents up to 500 mA, and an 8-channel driver for thermo-optic phase shifters (TOPS) with resistance up to 300 Ohm that provides driving currents up to 50 mA. Both engines are compact, low-noise and energy efficient, and incorporate all required features for safe operation of the loads. For more information about our commercial driving engines, please contact us.

The two engines will be also used as key building blocks inside our PIC control units that will come onto the market in the first half of 2023. The units will be modular to accommodate the operation of PICs with diverse numbers of LDs, SOAs, TOPS, electro-optic phase shifters, photodiodes and thermo-electric coolers. A user interface for direct control of each element will be part of their standard version. Add-on software for execution of PIC calibration and configuration tasks will be optional depending on the application and customer needs.
Optical equalizer: We are working on a photonic integrated optical equalizer that can be used as an add-on unit in optical transmitters for FSO links and optical interconnects. The optical equalizer has the flexibility to operate in a broad range of rates up to 100 Gbaud compensating for the bandwidth limitations of the corresponding transmission systems. Multi-channel operation is also supported. Its system design and use are based on a patent family filed by Optagon. The preparation of the first prototype was realized with the support of ACTPHAST4.0. System results from the use of the optical equalizer in optical interconnects have confirmed the validity of the concept and the system design. System characterization in FSO links is now the next step.
Active optical sensor: We are also working on an active optical sensor based on the emission, reflection and detection of NIR light. The localization of the reflecting objects and the image reconstruction of the surrounding environment is based on an ultra-fast beam scanning process. The efficiency of this process is empowered in turn by a disruptive optical phased array (OPA) concept formed and IP protected by Optagon.